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Comment by Angus Macdougall on May 10, 2012 at 18:29

Griffith 6.3 litre

Finally finished and was run in from the first of April 2012. It was at that point I was really able to fully understand just how suited this car is to the Detroit Muscle powered LS1. It took some pain but we got there in the end and boy it was worth every minute of waiting time to see and drive the end product. I have owned a number of TVR’s including 400 and 500 Rover powered Griffith and Chimaera. However here the rub all the cars from the Griffith 400 to the Griffith 500 are great to own and live with until you have driven and lived with the LS powered engine in your Griffith.

I know I am not the first and I am also aware that there is a lot of choice when considering this power plant. For me I went the later version of the LS1 path with a 382 stroker Kit and a new LS3 Cam which makes it a torque monster but doesn’t fully exploit the BHP potential. This upgrade to the Engine came about after the Engine went pop week after going on the road.  Truly can’t believe this wasn’t part of the original plan as it works so well.

The Engine not is also stunning and a number of friends who have drive and sat in the passenger seat have highlighted just how addictive that deep monster growl makes you feel. It has a slight over growl when you change gear that make you feel like you’re in the film Bullet.  A good friend who will for the moment remain nameless owns a TVR with a quick speed 6 and truly could believe how much quicker this power plant feels. He is in the process of costing the LS1 power plant for his TVR’s.

The Gear box is a 6 speed box which gives the car two personalities the first is a very good motorway cruiser. The additional engine weight and the 6 gear drop’s the revs to a point where you can hardly hear the engine.  This was not what I expected and I have enjoy a number of longer trip with a renewed vigour. However drop down a gears and things change significantly. The first thing you notice is the instant power at your right foot holly mama.  This is followed by a deep growl that makes you feel you have just won the lotto. At well over 400 BHP at the wheels this is a very quick car but until fully tuned we will not know exactly how much we have to play with.

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